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Argus Publications App

Closer to our clients. Closer to the market.

A new option is available for you to access your Argus subscription publications, no matter where work takes you. 

  • For all customers with Argus Direct access
  • Optimized for reading on Android or Apple devices
  • Minimize scrolling with mobile-friendly tables and charts
  • Jump quickly to sections of interest
  • Adjust text size
  • Set up push notifications when your reports are published

Download for Apple       Download for Android

Accessing the App

Who can access the app?

All subscribers to Argus publications with an Argus Direct login.

What's included in the app?

The app includes mobile-optimized versions of the last five issues of each publications to  which you have access. 

How do i find out my username and password?

You can recover your info by visiting us here


Using the App

Which issues can I access?

The latest five issues of each publication to which you have access are available to download. In addition, once you download a specific issue, it is available to read indefinitely.

Can I read publications when I'm offline?

You can read any issues that you have previously downloaded when you are offline. Tap on the latest issue to download so you can read it on-the-go.

Issues you download are autmatically deleted after three months.

How do I make the text size larger?

From the app home screen, click the upper right menu for settings, and go to general to change text size as well as changing automatic archiving options.


Have an idea or suggestion? 

Your thoughts are important to us. Contact to share ideas or feedback so we can continue to improve your experience. 

I'm having trouble, where can I go for help?

Please contact us at