Argus Petrochemicals Forum

21 August 2019, Wednesday, 9.00 am - 11.40 am
Registration begins at 8.30 am

Millennium Seoul Hilton, Atrium Hall, 3rd Floor
50 Sowol-ro, Namdaemunno 5(o)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

View the detailed agenda below. 

Argus invites you to join our complimentary forum to network with industry leaders and market participants and find out more about the the key trends and outlook for the petrochemicals industry in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Turkey.

This is a complimentary event. Due to limited spaces, please register your details now to reserve a seat.

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Forum Agenda
      8.30 am          

9.00 am

 Introduction and opening address
9.05 am
Introduction and opening address: Impact of the US-China trade war on commodity markets
  • The real reason US President Donald Trump launched the trade war
  • Uneven impacts on the US, China and the world
  • Effects on the economy as a whole and commodity markets in particular
  • The emergence of a new bipolar world order
Presented by: David Hanna, Vice-President Business Development Northeast Asia, Argus Asia

9.35 am
 Polymers: Chasing better netbacks in an ultra-competitive PE/PP landscape
  • Rising US ethylene and polymer exports into Asia and update on US cracker projects
  • Polyethylene (PE)/polypropylene (PP) pricing fundamentals in Asia
  • New capacity in Russia, the Middle East, northeast and southeast Asia
  • Opportunities for South Korean producers in an era of trade tariffs
 Presented by: Muhamad Fadhil, Editor, Petrochemicals, Argus Asia

10.00 am
 Q&A for olefins and polymers session

10.10 am  Coffee break
10.30 am
 Methanol: Impending oversupply or continued shortage
  • A look at global methanol supply/demand and trade
  • Key demand growth drivers in the China market. Methanol’s role as a boiler and motor fuel.
  • A global look at future methanol projects and supply
  • Key drivers of methanol pricing and the Argus methodology
Presented by: David Hanna, Vice-President Business Development Northeast Asia, Argus Asia
Report Editor: Mahua Chakravarty, Editor, Petrochemicals, Argus Asia

11.00 am

 Q&A for methanol session
11.05 am
 Aromatics: A look at pricing in an oversupplied market
  • Updates on key aromatics project start-ups in China and changes in trade flows
  • A look at key benzene/styrene monomer and paraxylene (PX)/PTA demand growth drivers
  • Benzene and PX, long-term oversupply?
  • Production rationalisation: Where will this happen and when?
  • The impact of PX production rationalisation on benzene supply.
  • The growing longer term relevance of the PX cfr spot price for China and price risk diversification and the Argus methodology
 Presented by: Bohan Loh, Business Development Manager, Argus Asia
& Kate Lee, Senior Petrochemicals Reporter, Argus Asia

11.35 am

 Q&A for aromatics session

11.40 am

 Closing address and end of forum

**This agenda is subjected to changes.

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