Argus Webinar: A world in balance, or a world imbalance ?

Gasoline prices and demand were much higher than many anticipated during 2015, as the world responded to a low crude price environment. This in turn provided much needed support for Naphtha which may otherwise have struggled to find a home – but this is a situation that may not continue as demand for Naphtha and LPG in particular looks like it will not keep up with demand over the next few years.

With refineries focussing on upgrading projects in response to changes in bunker fuel specifications, and the petrochemical sector investing in feedstock flexibility, the refining sector is in for an interesting few years.  Changes to the crude slate, changes to demand profiles and investment in refining could dramatically change the landscape between now and 2020.   

Join Philip Shaw, SVP Consulting Services, as he discusses:


Philip Shaw
Argus Consulting Services

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  • A review of the past year and the unexpected strength of gasoline demand
  • 2020 and the impact of refinery projects on supply, and the implications for product availability
  • How the world might deal with a potential overhang of naphtha and LPG, and a potential shortage of Fuel Oil