Argus Webinar: Bulk ferro-alloys: Difficult 2015, Challenging 2016

After a difficult 2015, the ferro-alloys industry has endured a challenging start to 2016. Producers are trying to balance higher production costs against continued weak demand, while many consumers in the steel sector struggle to compete against lower priced imports during a period of only modest growth in steel demand.

At this time of production cuts, elevated imports/exports, and concerns over demand, it remains vitally important to understand the latest price movements and trends in local and international markets.

Join Ashok Patel, Argus Ferro-alloys Editor, as he discusses:

  • An overview of macroeconomic developments influencing the bulk alloys markets
  • The changes in bulk alloy market fundamentals covering chrome ore and ferro-chrome, manganese ore and alloys, and ferro-silicon
  • Current bulk alloy prices and trends