Argus webinar: European generation economics

Join Argus for a look at generation economics across five European markets including the UK, Germany, Spain and Turkey, and gain insight into the potential generation mix for the next year.

Gas-fired generation has risen this year as the gap between gas and coal prices has narrowed. But will this continue into 2017?


  • Matthew Drinkwater, Senior Editor, Gas, Power and LNG
  • Kwok Wan, Editor, LNG
  • Edward Bentley, Deputy Editor, Gas
  • Ian Bhullar, Deputy Editor, Argus Coal Daily International
  • Harry Homan, Senior Market Reporter, European Natural Gas
  • Jonathan SimsSenior Market Reporter, European Power
  • Sabrina Kernbichler, Deputy Editor, European Electricity 
  • Lawrence Templeton, Reporter, Gas
  • Erisa Dautaj Senerdem, Senior Reporter, Argus Turkish Energy Market
  • Naveen Das, Reporter, Coal
  • James Waddell, Deputy Editor, European Natural Gas
  • Killian Staines, Reporter, Argus European Electricity

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Key discussion points include:
  • In which countries will gas displace coal fired generation?
  • What are the new trends for cross border power trading in Europe?
  • How will increasing LNG production capacity impact the power market?
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