Argus Webinar: Polyolefin Market Outlook 

Will polyolefin margins be sustained?

Polymer margins are historically high at the beginning of 2016 after a combination of factors raised the premium between polyethylene and polypropylene and their respective monomers significantly last year. Producers benefited from recent capacity rationalisation and a weak euro-dollar exchange rate, which limited imports and combined with low energy prices to stimulate downstream demand.

All of these factors remain, but Europe’s high polymer prices are catching the eye of overseas exporters and the pessimistic global economic outlook could temper recent demand growth. Argus DeWitt still expects polymer margins to be sustained until mid-2016 at least, with the next major threat coming from US capacity additions in 2017 and 2018.


Will Collins, Reporter, Petrochemicals

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This webinar will cover
  • How rationalisation, international trade and production outages affected supply in 2015
  • Growth in important downstream industries like automotive
  • Changing conditions in 2016 and how the European market will react