With more than 100 years combined of global petrochemical experience, including more than 50 years directly in the methanol consulting space, Argus’ experts are well positioned to help determine what trends to track and how to stay competitive in today’s markets, through our featured methanol services:

  • Argus Methanol Weekly provides access to leading methanol contract and spot benchmark prices, global industry news, and analysis of key economic drivers on a weekly basis.
  • Argus has developed the Argus Methanol Daily report, and in conjunction with the Argus Methanol Weekly report, market participants are now regularly notified of developments and can better manage price risk resulting from increased volatility by using financial swaps to hedge such risks. The Argus Methanol Daily service provides robust daily price assessments for key global methanol spot markets in a single report. It explains changes to price spreads by region and/or related products with a global view of prices and market commentary every day.
  • Argus Methanol Outlook offers a 24-month rolling price forecast and forward-looking analysis of global methanol supply and demand, trade flows, and inventory levels, every month. 
  • Argus Methanol Analytics enables market participants to take advantage of comprehensive methanol data from 2005-2026, including capacities, trade and supply-demand balances, as well as long-term analysis, regular access to expert analysts, and project updates. 
  • Argus Methanol Consulting Services can improve your understanding of the methanol market and enable you to devise strategies for success with tailor-made research carried out by Argus’ in-house experts.

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