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Originally presented: September 16, 2105

Understanding LLS crude: the rise of a financial and physical benchmark

Crude markets appear to be moving into another phase. Hedging and mitigating risk are becoming more important. Secondary benchmarks like Light Louisiana Sweet (LLS) allow the market to fine tune the broad hedging executed through WTI and Brent. LLS has become a key financial tool for new shale oil production and all Gulf coast light oil. An array of LLS swaps contracts are available on CME and ICE – all indexed to Argus prices. Financial market traders need a better understanding of how this key benchmark works and how Argus assesses the price.

Listen as Argus discusses:

  • What is LLS, where does it price and why is it important?
  • Argus methodology and formation of the LLS index
  • LLS swaps
  • Liquidity for LLS on CME and ICE
  • The LLS 1.30pm Central time price and how it differs from the all-day index