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Originally Aired: September 2, 2015

Argus Webinar: US octane shortage leads to volatile prices

The US is currently going through an unprecedented shortage of high octane blendstocks. A combination of blending economics, maintenance and regional crude selections have sapped US supply octane rich components. At the same time, demand is showing its strongest growth in a decade. US refiners are expecting that demand to continue to grow and have started to reorganize their systems for the future. The impacts of these changes will be felt across the oil, refining and petrochemical industries.

Join Argus as we discuss:

  • The change in demand for higher octane blendstocks
  • The impact crude slates are having on the industry's ability to produce higher octane blendstocks
  • Key changes coming from refiners to meet the high octane demand
  • New Argus price discovery tools that track octane spreads and regional spread in real time