Namibian LPG — Fulfilling Potential with Cengas
James Grobler: The current market volume is around 1,500 t/month, and we can see growth of around 15pc/yr continuing, so if the trend stays around this level, we could see growth of about 75pc over the next five years. This market is driven by the household sector, but we could see demand emerging from the commercial sector, with one company planning to start operations that could result in additional demand of about 1,000 t/month by 2019.
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James Grobler, Managing Director, Cengas, shares his insights on Namibian LPG. 
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Q.) Thank you for joining us. What’s the outlook for LPG consumption in Namibia in terms of market potential and expected growth over the coming years? Are there any particular sectors (household, commercial etc) which offer the most promising opportunities?
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