Get information on the chlorine markets in the US for the past 4 years.

Download the infographic to get information on:

  • Yearly and monthly export quantities from the US
  • Trade flows for exports - where is the chlorine going?
  • Yearly and monthly import quantities to the US
  • Import breakdown by country of origin

Plus, get even more information about trade and market drives at the Argus US Chlor-Alkali Summit, including:

  • Brazil’s role to fill lost volumes from Venezuela’s decline: Understand how much investment is flowing into Brazil’s upstream and whether the country’s services sector is ready to meet demand
  • Asian demand for Latin American crude: Gain perspectives from Asian buyers and their demand for Latin American barrels in the wake of potential geopolitical conflicts
  • Mexico’s new president and impact on the upstream: Explore AMLO’s strategy after his first 6 months in office and what that might mean for exporting Mexican crude
  • IMO marine fuel regulations impact: Discuss how the industry’s plans for compliance as January 2020 quickly approaches
  • Latin American logistics: Get clarity on the infrastructure available in the region to handle crude oil exports
  • Competition for Latin American barrels: Understand the market access for Canadian crude and what that means for Latin America’s oil
  • Case studies: Hear from companies operating in Latin America and get insight into the infrastructure dynamics to bring supply to market…and much more!