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Pricing the evolving Chicago market:
Choosing which price is best for you

West Shore. Badger. Wolverine. Buckeye Complex (BCX). These are no longer systems within a singular Chicago market– but have evolved into three distinct markets with three distinct prices.

A Michigan marketer shouldn’t be hit by price changes that only affect the Wisconsin market. And a Wisconsin buyer shouldn’t have to pay Michigan prices on a day when that fuel is available off West Shore at a 7 cent discount. 

Argus has now filled out its suite of Chicago price assessments, adding premium gasoline prices for the Buckeye Complex and Wolverine pipeline. For ease of use, all of Argus’ premium gasoline prices are now assessed as differentials to the Nymex, rather than regrades to regular gasoline markets. Premium gasoline prices are now available at all three Chicago markets, providing price accuracy no matter who you buy from and who you sell to.

Simply ask for the Argus price to West Shore/Badger, Wolverine or Buckeye Complex, whichever is most relevant to the market you are working in. Not familiar with the geographies and pipeline systems? Scroll down to learn more. 

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When Markets Diverge: Pricing Chicago road fuels 
Which price is best for me? 3 easy steps. 

1. Identify which system or terminal location fits your needs 

How prices are determined

Download our white paper When Markets Diverge: Pricing Chicago road fuels now to learn more about how these prices have emerged from the markets, and how they are being assessed. 

2. Choose your product below

West Shore Badger

PA0006535 Regular CBOB
PA0002899 Regular RBOB
Premium RBOB
PA0002897 87 conventional
PA0003940 89 conventional
PA0002898 91 conventional
Buckeye Complex (BCX)
PA0018535 Regular CBOB
PA0023268 Regular RBOB
PA0024865 91 conventional
PA0028413 Premium RBOB
Wolverine PA0023270 Regular CBOB
PA0028415 Premium 91 octane

West Shore Badger
PA0004093 Ultra-low sulfur diesel
PA0004980 Ultra-low sulfur kerosine
PA0002901 Jet
Buckeye Complex (BCX) PA0018536 Ultra-low sulfur diesel
Wolverine Pipeline PA0023272 Ultra-low sulfur diesel
3. When negotiating your next contract, simply ask for the Argus price on the product you need. 

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