Get the inside view on the Article 6 negotiations

Article 6 is the only section of the Paris agreement that countries failed to agree rules on at last year's UN climate summit. Negotiators must finish the rulebook at this year’s UN summit in December, in Santiago, Chile (Cop 25) in order to establish the foundations for a global carbon market.

But what is preventing agreement?

In this interview with Kelley Kizzier, former co-chair of the UN negotiations, we get the inside view on what the fault lines really are and why they need to be resolved.

Download it today to gain her unique insight into these issues.  


About the interview  


Kelley Kizzier is associate vice president of international climate change at the Environmental Defense Fund. A long-time climate negotiator, she co-chaired the UN negotiations on Article 6 of the Paris climate agreement from 2015-2018. Her unique insight into the negotiations sheds light on why countries are still struggling to reach agreement on Article 6.   


Kate Abnett is a senior reporter at Argus Media, where she covers European emissions and climate policy. Her focus is carbon markets, and she also covers UN climate negotiations, European energy markets, and environmental issues in the transport, aviation and shipping sectors.