Webinar: The fight for feedstocks: UCO markets in 2024 and beyond

Join on Wednesday 31 July at 12 pm BST / 19:00 SGT 


Global demand for used cooking oil (UCO) has risen and will continue to surge as mandates for fuels that are not made from food and feed crops are increasingly promoted by governments around the world.  


Join Argus for a comprehensive look at global UCO markets. This in this webinar our market experts will cover:

  • Pricing Dynamics: An analysis of what’s driving recent UCO pricing trends, including supply constraints and emerging applications.
  • Regional Updates: A dive into regional market overviews and updates.
  • Legislative Impact: A discussion on the EU’s dumping investigation against China and its significant repercussions on global UCO trade.
  • Forecasting UCO Availability: Predictions on UCO availability, considering current production rates and future industry demands.
  • Trade Flow Analysis: Insights into current and future UCO trade flows

Complimentary webinar.

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Meet the speakers

PRO_Josefine Ahlstrom headshot 255-modified.png

Josefine Ahlström

VP, European Business Development



PRO_Fabricio Cardoso 255-modified.png

Fabricio Cardoso

Principal, Argus Consulting



PRO_Jmd_Jamuna-modified 255.png

Jamuna Gautam

Associate Editor, Argus Americas Biofuels



PRO_Anna Prokhorova 255.png

Anna Prokhorova

Senior Market Reporter, Argus Biofuels



PRO_sarah headshot_255-modified.png

Sarah Giam

Associate Editor, Argus Biofuels



PRO_Lindsey Liu-photo-modified 255.png

Lindsey Liu

Market Analyst, biofuels