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The Argus Asphalt Annual 2020 report is your annual forecast update on the latest asphalt market developments, including production details, trade flows and consumption data.

The 2020 study includes:
  • Introduction, executive summary, a summary of world and regional asphalt market conditions
  • Maps of asphalt producing refineries, asphalt capacities, and supply and demand balances by country
  • Coverage of 85 countries across seven regions including North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, western Europe, central and eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, south Asia, northeast Asia, southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific.

Key features:

  • The best global balance of asphalt fundamentals from 2015 and expectations until 2024
  • Commentary on possible impact of the IMO’s worldwide compliance with a 0.5pc sulphur cap on global bunker fuel and the impact on asphalt
  • Regional trade maps showing the origin of import and destinations of exports
  • Expanded import and export stackable bar charts on each country
  • Expanded US commentary on what to expect with asphalt consumption growth under the US Trump administration
  • Expanded US coverage including east coast, midcontinent, Gulf coast, Rockies and west coast supply/demand tables for 2019 and 2018.
  • Refineries shutting down asphalt production in the US, Europe and the impact of new cokers on asphalt production
  • Additional information on different grades consumed, polymer modified asphalt and emulsion
  • Additional information on ports for import/export of asphalt