The introduction of the global IMO 0.5% sulphur cap is causing a fundamental change in the bunker market. As underlying buying patterns shift, reference prices are changing in response. Argus publishes more than 80 IMO-compliant price assessments – including fuel oil and marine gas oil – covering the world’s most important bunker hubs.

If you are signing a 0.5% bunker contract, you should be using a 0.5% index to effectively manage your price risk exposure. Argus price assessments provide you with a rigorous pricing alternative to differentials and are the most appropriate price reference for the new low-sulphur marine fuel market.

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Download this infographic to see exactly which ports are included in our coverage of the global bunker market. Our marine fuels price assessments are based on actual deals, bids and offers, making them the most appropriate reference for your bunker contracts.

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You can download a sample of the Argus Marine Fuels report. In the report find all of our bunker price assessments, as well as regional market commentary and the latest industry news and analysis. Download your copy now.

Additional resources
To help get to grips with the wide-reaching implications of the biggest specification change in recent history, the Argus team has created a series of Viewpoints. Read the full blog now.

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